February 04, 2022 2 min read

how to wash your hockey jersey

Tips for Washing Your Hockey Jersey:

There are many ways to keep your jerseys in mint condition, because you want the best for them. This is a very simple process for washing your hockey jersey when the need arises. These tips apply if they have casual wear and no food stains before washing, or anything nasty on them like blood, vomit or excessive sweat stains. At the very least, always consult with the hang tag inside the jersey, since there may be more specific instructions than what's written here.

Wash your hockey jerseys by themselves

It’s important to wash your hockey jerseys by themselves or with other jerseys of the same color, so as not to cause any unwanted discoloration..

Wash your hockey jersey inside-out.

To protect your jersey colors from fading and crests and emblems from snagging, turn it inside-out before washing. This will help prevent direct contact with the inside walls of the machine or a detergent that can lead to damaged fibers or degrade colors on such an intensively worn article of clothing.

Use color-safe detergent

You can be sure that your team's colors will not fade with Woolite detergents. In fact, they are specifically designed for removing soil and stains from clothes without underway bleach or harsh chemicals like other types of laundry soaps do—which could lead to unwanted color loss on delicate fabrics like polyester.

No fabric softener

Avoid using fabric softeners on your jersey because they can affect the texture and change how they look.

Use the gentle cycle and cold water

Place your jersey in a washing machine on the delicate cycle and cold water setting, so that you can preserve its quality.

Let it hang dry or air-dry

The best way to dry your jersey after washing it is by hanging it. This will prevent crests and other designs from getting ruined, as well as prevent any melting or peeling at all. You can also air-dry it by laying it on a flat surface, out of sunlight so it doesn’t fade. Don’t use any heat on your NHL jersey – always make sure you take care of those precious little details on such an important piece of sports equipment!